The Department’s Physical training and practical discipline
PURPOSE «Physical training and practical discipline
"To improve the content of education and the creation of technological processes by training teachers of labor training". Starting from 2015 the department "Physical education and practical discipline" changed its name into the department of "Practical subjects and after classes education".
On the basis of decision of the Academic Council of the Institute in 2001 in October month the cabinet system "Physical education, labor training, pre-conscription training youth, drawing, music" was reorganized.
Since April 2005, the department was renamed as the department of "practical discipline" Since January 2011, by the resolution of the Academic Council of the Institute the department of "practical discipline" was organized under the title "Physical education and practical discipline".
Department "Practical subjects and after classes education" conducts training in the following areas:
1. Labor (Service)
2. Labor (Agriculture)
3. Labor (technology, design)
4. Drawing
5.Physical culture
6. Music culture
7. Children’s music and art school
8 Prosperous generations (organizers of technique creative club)
9. Prosperous generations (organizers of art creative club)
The Department’s plans for 2010-2015 years:
-Ensure implementation of measures planned for 2010-2015 years;
- Introduction in content of classes the conceptual ideas from the book by President Islam Karimov "High spirituality is an invincible force";
- To teach listeners with the content of works of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov "The Concept of further deepening democratic reforms and formation of civil society in the country," "Further consistent modernization of the country - the relevant factors of development", etc.
- Introduction of advanced pedagogical technologies in the content of methodic manuals, methodic suggestions, slides, and others, published in 2010-2015 and in the next academic years.
- Improving the quality of teaching and ideological education on the basis of decrees and orders of the Government of the Republic, the Ministry of Public Education and RIRTQI;
-To create the necessary conditions for the implementation of the state requirements in prepared educational and thematic plans and systematically updating modern pedagogical technology with methodic materials, developed texts of lectures;
-To organize combined works in providing methodic help with methodic assistance of Regional Department of Public Education;
-To organize combined works with methodic assistance of Regional Department of Public Education in providing methodic help in the purpose of improving the quality of teachers;
- To carry out research work for providing the staff of the department by teachers with a degree
-For practical work to ensure classrooms and the necessary tools to improve the quality of the educational process
-To improve the training of teachers to improve methodological techniques with modern knowledge
-To implement consistently in practice the system of "Ustaz-shakirt" and to apply in practice of student assessment rating system.
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