«The department of preschool and initial education»
The Professorial -teaching structure of department of preschool and initial education prepares lectures by the thematic plan of courses of improvement of qualification, development of practical employment (occupations), electronic versions and slides.
The themes of lectures are discussed on department and the large attention is given to their quality. The lectures in all subjects and their electronic versions are handed over in the centre of information resources of institute.
The learners of courses of improvement of qualification have an opportunity freely to use the given materials. The jobs of Professorial -teaching structure of the department are removed (taken off) on videotapes and are written down on compact disks.
Personal qualities, teacher determining the humanitarian factor in Educational – upbringing process such qualities, as concern: insistence, validity, conscientiousness, kindness, goodwill. The personal qualities influence skill, education and training.
Skill to estimate and to supervise knowledge of the trainees are interconnected with upbringing and psychological -pedagogical skill of training.
The teacher should have principles impartial evaluating of skill and knowledge of the pupils to be able to develop standard tests, successfully to apply the various forms of the controlling of progress of the trainees.
Besides the common requirements before the trainees the separate requirements are put. The tutors of establishments of preschool education and teacher of initial classes owe:
to know in perfection the concept of initial education.
to know conditions of conducting scientifically - research, methodical jobs, and to be able to apply them in practice.
to know the specifications and order of the equipment of an educational study by visual aids, by didactic materials, manuals
to be able to analyze the Educational -methodical literature of the manuals existing and the alternative textbooks, various didactic the literature on training initial education.
to know Educational -upbringing job in initial classes, methods and to possess experience of realization of these jobs.
To know the newest experiences of job on the speciality and to be able to apply them in the activity. To be acquainted experiences of the teachers of initial classes, which jobs are distributed on republic, area and city.
To be able experience intro attendances and their analysis.
To know about conducting problems initial education and to have the items of information on news, scientific researches in sphere of initial education.
To have the items of information about Pedagogical - psychological diagnostics six-years (six-summer) and to cooperate with the centre of diagnostics.
To be notified about rules of behaviour of increase of a category and realization of certification of the teachers of initial classes.
To have the items of information on system of improvement of professional skill, training of personnel for initial education and their training for a new profession.
To know the law about a complex children's garden - school. To know about methods and forms, pedagogical conditions of realization Educational -upbrining of jobs in similar complexes.
In spite of the fact that the phonetic features, structure of a word, dramatic structure of the Karakalpak literary language are well investigated, there is a number (line) of problems of the expecting scientific decisions, theoretical conclusions. The necessity for researches concerning area of syntax is especially felt. One of the basic problems in syntax of the Karakalpak language considers a basis of a structure of the offer, main components, structure, structural - semantic features and ways of expression. B.Utemuratov gives attention to the decision of problems concerning to section "syntax".
Our institute adjusts cooperation with the republican Educational -methodical centre. The mobile rate " Retraining of the chiefs of establishments of preschool education " On rates the teachers – non-specialty works сreated  with the centre are trained to secrets of a speciality, with which are divided Z. Hydaybergenova and Professorial-teaching structure of institute.
Barcha huquqlar amaldagi qonunchilikka binoan himoyalangan.