Department of «Science and exact sciences»

Department of «Science and exact sciences»

Department of "Science and Exact Sciences" was organized in 2005, the merger of two departments: the Department of "Science sciences" and the department of «Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science»

The department is working on retraining and further training of teachers of physics, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, biology, geography, to improve the methods of teaching these disciplines, compile and disseminate best practices of teachers of comprehensive schools in the country. The department is constantly research work in providing guidance to teachers, which summarizes the issue manuals and recommendations .

The staff of our department has 12 teachers, including 4 PhDs and professors. The head of our department the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences professor Dauletiyarov Kenesbay Zhanabaevich.

For training in physics, chemistry, biology classrooms equipped with modern laboratory equipment, for training in computer science - computer classrooms connected to the Internet ( at the institute operates a wireless network Wi-Fi, rooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and projectors ) .

At the beginning of each year, the department planned to plan research on the study and synthesis of modern techniques and methods of teaching science and physical sciences. On the basis of these studies produced manuals and recommendations are published in periodicals scientific and methodological papers. So, for example, in 2013 42 were issued textbooks and recommendations published in newspapers and magazines, 25 articles. In 2014 46 were issued textbooks and recommendations published in newspapers and magazines, 22 articles. In 2015 37 were issued textbooks and recommendations published in newspapers and magazines, 30 articles.

The department conducts a joint scientific and methodological work with the best teachers of the republic: refresher courses they hold open lessons, share their experiences with colleagues.

The department is constantly working on the spread of Decrees and Resolutions of the Government concerning the problems of education and upbringing of the younger generation, introduction of new educational, information and communication technologies on improving work with students who have come to retraining and advanced training of teachers. Also held talks, workshops, meetings, and conferences on the analysis of teaching materials, manuals, guidelines.

Based on the Program "Development of the educational sector," Ministry of National Education, Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan (2008), for additional Order number 229/256 on the organization of the study abroad experience specialists in areas of " Distance Learning " and " Exploring the use of modern teaching methods in secondary schools, " our teachers in computer science, mathematics, chemistry, biology, geography visited Germany. On the basis of the project UZB- 4 "Information equipping schools of the Republic of Uzbekistan" teacher visited our department at a seminar in the Republic of Korea.

Members of the department:

  1. Kenesbay Dauletiyarov - head of department, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor
  2. Zuhra Shaniyazova - PhD, Associate Professor
  3. Alisher Abdullaev - PhD, Associate Professor
  4. Zaripbay Saparov - Candidate of physico- mathematical sciences, professor
  5. Abdugani Esnazarov - senior lecturer
  6. Biybisara Arzymbetova - senior lecturer
  7. Zhamalatdin Utepbergenov - senior lecturer
  8. Gulhan Zhiemuratova - senior lecturer
  9. Salamat Otepov - senior lecturer
  10. Gulbaxar Abilova - senior lecturer
  11. Askar Nagmetullaev - senior lecturer
  12. Ziyada Utemuratova - senior lecturer
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